Joining the TAAC Network means having access to a well-known brand for multi-brand used vehicles that «sells beyond borders». Choose whether to be a buyer or a buyer/seller, and TAAC will put you in touch with over 1,000 customers and sellers across Europe. Open your business to new markets and gain an advantage over your competitors.

Access a range of unique offers: every day you can choose from over 1,500 available cars, so you can study the solution that best suits your business needs. TAAC Milano offers its affiliates a solution to evolve. You will be provided with business management tools to facilitate your business and create your brand image in the mind of your Customers. Being affiliated means having access to:
• A dedicated multi-channel management system
• Dedicated marketing campaigns
• Management consultancy
• Partnerships with renters and automotive companies

How it works

The portal

Once you have chosen the most suitable solution for your business, you will be provided with your username and password with which to access the TAAC Milano portal where you can access all the cars. All the details on their status (stock, available in 15 days, etc.) and their geographical location are shown on the site.

The agreement

Once the cars have been selected they are placed in a cart which must be confirmed within 48 hours, so we can guarantee all affiliates the real availability of the product. Once the cart has been confirmed, you will receive a Proforma directly from the Supplier so that you can proceed with payment.

The delivery

As for the delivery of the vehicles is concerned, TAAC Milano will make its team available to you to find the best transporter at the best market rates. Once the cars have been delivered you will directly receive all the documentation and the two keys from TAAC Milano.